‘Performance artist’ Alex Jones ‘playing a character,’ his lawyer says


Alex Jones, radio show host and founder of the popular fringe news site InfoWars.com, has long been a controversial figure — for everything from his outspoken support for President Donald Trump to his promotion of outlandish conspiracy theories such as the idea that extraterrestrial reptilian shapeshifters secretly rule the world.

Jones has not only stoked conspiracy theories with his rhetoric, he has also become the subject of them. One of the most popular, for example, is the idea that Jones is actually comedian Bill Hicks, who is otherwise thought to have died in 1994.

Alleged evidence for Jones being Hicks includes that both have connections to an obscure production company called Sacred Cow Productions and that Jones allegedly looks older than 43, his professed aged, while Hicks, if still alive, would be 55 by now. Another common thread in this theory is that Jones “is a CIA disinfo agent put into the AM shock jock scene to discredit actual radio hosts,” as Mack Lamoureux of Vice put it. At the same time, however, Jones’ InfoWars is also reportedly under investigation by the FBI for potential election-related ties to Russia, though Jones has reportedly denied having any.

Among those who are less conspiracy-inclined but also not very inclined towards taking Jones seriously, there is also a running joke that Jones is perhaps not a government agent, but simply a “humble water filter salesman.” This interpretation of Jones’ antics stems from his seemingly constant on-air hawking of not only water filters but products such as “Super Male Vitality” and toothpaste infused with “Nano Silver.”

When not selling water filters, Jones typically sticks to his script of being a patriotic Christian who is concerned with problems related to globalization and political corruption — along with the sinister implications of virtually any and every conspiracy theory you could imagine, regardless of evidence for it. Yet his over-the-top furious rants sometimes lead him into bizarre subject matter. He has occasionally let hints slip that seem to support the notion that he is not, in fact, who he initially seems.

“Do you know what it’s like to go to sleep every night knowing you work for a bunch of psychotic killers and you bastards are probably gonna end up killing me one day?!” an enraged Jones once began shouting during a taping of his internet radio show. “You know what it’s like knowing you’ve ruined my life?! Do you know what it’s like, you sons of bitches?! I’m tired of your crap!”

Now, however, Jones has gone further than ever before towards admitting that his on-air persona is all just for show.

Jones is merely “playing a character,” his attorney, Randall Wilhite, reportedly told a Texas judge recently, in the context of a custody hearing regarding Jones’ three children. “He is a performance artist,” Wilhite reportedly added.

This is an astounding position to take for someone like Jones, whose “alternative media” brand is largely built around the supposed sincerity of his anger towards the political establishment. While it won’t resolve the debate among conspiracy theorists over whether Jones is a nefarious government agent (foreign or domestic) or simply a huckster selling toothpaste, it comes about as close as one could hope to get towards proving that he must be one of the two. It also puts Trump, who praised Jones and his “amazing” reputation in late 2015, in an awkward position.

Diehard Alex Jones fans are unlikely to be swayed by this latest evidence that their hero is, at the very least, some sort of scam artist. For those already paranoid enough to suspect a leading conspiracy theorist of actually being part of a conspiracy, though, it’s likely to fuel even further conspiracy theories, as the depth of the rabbit hole never ceases to amaze.


This article has been updated to reflect reports that InfoWars is being investigated by the FBI for election-related Russia ties, which Jones denies having.

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