Pentagon Sees ‘Insider Threat,’ Opposes ‘Fairness’

Among the greatest internally-perceived dangers to the Department of Defense, and to sensitive areas of the government more broadly, is that posed by whistleblowers and leakers like Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden - the "insider threat." Yet in their eagerness to root out this threat and others, military policymakers may be making the problem worse. … Continue reading Pentagon Sees ‘Insider Threat,’ Opposes ‘Fairness’

Feds Eager to Collect Data Amid Hacking Revelations

  As the FBI pushes for greater remote hacking powers and greater secrecy surrounding its massive biometrics database, ongoing cyber attacks raise concerns that, even as federal law enforcement hopes to increase its offensive capabilities, government agencies have not focused nearly enough on cyber defense. With the presidential election dominating the news cycle, cyber security … Continue reading Feds Eager to Collect Data Amid Hacking Revelations