Automation suggested as ‘insider threat’ solution

In the wake of high-profile leaks of government secrets in recent years such as those by Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning, and most recently the CIA revelations from Wikileaks, the "insider threat" has become a prominent concern in national security circles. It is not surprising, then, that someone has now suggested another popular buzzword -- … Continue reading Automation suggested as ‘insider threat’ solution

Pentagon Sees ‘Insider Threat,’ Opposes ‘Fairness’

Among the greatest internally-perceived dangers to the Department of Defense, and to sensitive areas of the government more broadly, is that posed by whistleblowers and leakers like Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden - the "insider threat." Yet in their eagerness to root out this threat and others, military policymakers may be making the problem worse. … Continue reading Pentagon Sees ‘Insider Threat,’ Opposes ‘Fairness’